Sarah Jones Jewelry

Sarah's one of a kind and limited edition creations are a great go-to wearable art, influenced by her surroundings, seasons and trends. All SJJ items are handcrafted by Sarah in her private, tucked away PNW island studio. 

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Sarah Jones

Growing up on an island in the south pacific, Sarah Jones found a familiar comfort on Bainbridge island, WA to settle down and raise her own family.


Sarah is a working artist and teacher with a background in fine metal arts, jewelry, ceramics, sculpture, stained glass and photography.


She is a founding member, instructor and current programming coordinator for the jewelry/fine metal arts studio at Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network.

Note from the maker

Sarah Jones Jewelry uses a variety of metals including Gold, Sterling silver, Fine silver, Copper, Bronze, Brass and Gold Fill. You may notice a variation of naturally occurring patina on the metal over time. Skin contact and moisture can accelerate this process. I recommend that you embrace the evolution of your wearable art. Patina tells a story of a life well lived. Like you, it just gets better with age. Care instructions can be found here (link) 

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